week 2

initial insights on blogging

There is a monstrous amount of information out there in blogs.  One could quite easily fritter away all day long reading from blog to blog.  It’s going to be the new reading media of choice.  People in busy lives do not have time for reading books with long chapters or lugging around newspapers or magazines.  They have the internet in their pocket and demand instant gratification!  Blogs are the new special interest magazines with new articles being posted sometimes multiple times a day.   Magazines  are living in the past.  By the time they get published, the news is old.  Even the daily MX newspaper of trash news, half the articles are old if you’ve been browsing internet news sites or blogs the day before.

How can blogging be useful to you?

Personally I have found blogs a useful platform for the keeping of a personal diary or log of activites for later reference.  I find it useful for recording thoughts and ideas about random things and also like the ability to insert media (like photos and videos) and also links to other relevant content.  Another benefit of blogs is that the text  is searchable, making it infinitely easier to find a specific post without needing to know the actual date it was recorded (unlike a paper diary).  The majority of blog platforms also support the use of categories and post tags, further enabling the user to add meta information to their posts for easy retrieval at a later date.

Another aspect of blogs as they are more commonly used on the internet is that of specific interest groups.  Throughout my travels on the internet I have found many interesting blogs with an abundance of really useful info mostly focusing around food and technology.  Some of my favorites recently have been:

The most Awesomest food website ever:


Great Australian Guide to Gadgets


Tips & Downloads to help you at Work & Play


The Art of Non-Conformity – Unconventional Strategies for Life, Work & Travel


What approach is Sacha Chua using to build a community and increase awareness of her activities? Go to archives and click through to posts categorised as Web2.0 or Enterprise2.0.

Sacha Chua uses twitter to link to some of her blog with regular tweets.  These posts generate an interest in Sacha’s blog and form a group of followers (3100+ followers on twitter, 2300+ people subscribe to the rss feed of her blog and has 3000+ comments on her ).  Sacha also uses the commenting system in her blog to allow readers to respond and react to her posts thus creating a sense of community among her followers but mostly she writes to think and to remember.

“People could stop reading my blog tomorrow and I’d still write.” – Sacha Chua

Provide links to other useful blogging examples – particularly in the area of web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0.

Some other blogs I found on web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 are:


IBM Web 2.0 Goes to Work

Bill Ives Portals & Knowledge Management


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