week 4

This week’s lecture covered many of the benefits and risks associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0.
Benefits included enhanced:

  • productivity and efficiency;
  • knowledge, reputation and
  • staff engagement.

Potential risks included:

  • security;
  • loss of control;
  • reputation;
  • reliability;
  • productivity; and
  • resources.

In addition, we also covered some of the risks of not implementing Enterprise 2.0:

  • unauthorized use of web tools
  • fragmentation of knowledge
  • talent retention
  • reduced competitiveness

This week’s task was to investigate a company that uses social media tools in their business.  During my searching I have found a case from Finish mobile phone giant Nokia.  One of Nokia’s PR-type efforts include WOMWorld, a program that lends devices (like new mobile phones)to bloggers and then tracks the buzz in the blogosphere spurred on by the current handset models.   In addition to this, there is the Nokia Bloggers Relations program.  By reaching out using social media, Nokia brings attention to their products, collects valuable advice and can discuss new ideas and services with customers before going to market.  Another team within Nokia is the Nokia Social Media team who takes negative feedback and routes it to the suitable manager or team within the organization.  Another key strategy of Nokia’s Social Media Team is to employ large, well known writers from popular blogs (like Engadget, Techcrunch & Gizmodo) as well as well-known up and coming writers to write about their products.  Nokia engages social media to start conversations and appreciate both good and bad feedback.

Also if anyone has a Nokia phone with a GPS while checking out the WOMWorld site I came across a really cool app for tracking and recording various exercises with your phone.   You can then upload your data to the net or your computer and see your stats like avg/max speed, times and heart rate (connected by bluetooth) mapped against each other and it even keeps all your info in a diary so you can monitor your progress.


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